Arvo Kokkonen Oy

Specialist retailer in delicacies from the sea – always one step ahead

We at Arvo Kokkonen Oy are a group of enthusiastic fish industry professionals.  Our mission is to import, market and deliver high quality fish and shellfish products. We have already done this successfully for 20 years and increased our current product range to over 200 products. We provide our services all over Finland and you can find our products in every up to date wholesaler and retail store.

Our product range has always consisted of mainly unusual and exotic delicacies from the sea, catering for the most demanding gastronomic tastes.  Restaurant goers are used to finding seafood recommended by the chef on the menu of their favorite restaurant. And the freshness of this seafood is guaranteed by Arvo Kokkonen’s prompt and fast delivery.

A major focus of our strategy has been to change Finnish gastronomic habits - reducing preconceptions - and we have had some success in this task because the threshold for trying out new ingredients for cooking has lowered over the years. We are receptive to the needs of home cooks too, so our packed products come with hints on how to use them and you can find AK-SEAFOOD MENU recipes in retail stores. Our trademark and our new marine blue label is definitely well known by sea food lovers – and as you have probably noticed, it is a guarantee of high quality.

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