About us

Arvo Kokkonen Oy is a pioneer in the seafood industry, bringing the latest trends to the Finnish dining table and aiming to continue supplying delicious food long into the future.

Our story begins in the 1970s, when Finnish diners started to be aware of international influences on restaurant menus. The first big foreign craze was pizza, the fillings for which at the time were pretty rare ingredients, such as prawns and mussels. Arvo Kokkonen was keen to import them, and in 1979 he and his wife, Pirkko, set up the company that now bears his name.

More than 40 years’ experience as a sustainable fishmonger

Over a period of 40 years the business has expanded considerably and prawns have been joined by far more exotic species, and not just for fillings for pizzas! We are still a family concern, and the business has been handed down to the couple’s sons, Marko and Jari. Preconceived ideas are as just as alien to us as they were in 1979 – though now we also value highly the notions of sustainability, saving the environment and taking responsibility for the sector.

An important factor in any guarantee of quality is to have a competent and experienced staff in both sales and production. We employ some 30 fishing industry professionals, each possessing a sound knowledge of the business. They include master chefs, sushi chefs, fish experts and people who are simply passionate about fish.

Our facility expanded and modernised in 2009 and we now have 2,500 square metres of production space, a cold store measuring 3,000 square metres and a fresh food warehouse measuring 1,500 square metres. We deliver our quality products all over the country with no cold chain interruption.


Some important dates

  • 1979: Arvo Kokkonen aloittaa katkarapujen maahantuonnin
  • 1983: Yritys muuttaa suurempiin tiloihin Helsingin Tattarisuolle
  • 1986: Elävät hummerit ja osterit otetaan mukaan valikoimaan
  • 1994: Muutto uusiin tiloihin Vaaralaan, mikä mahdollistaa tuorekalojen käsittelyn laajemmin
  • 1995: EU-jäsenyys mahdollistaa valikoiman laajentamisen entisestään
  • 2001: Vaaralassa aloitetaan sushien valmistus
  • 2006: Toiminnan linjaksi vastuullisuus ja kestävän kalastuksen edistäminen
  • 2008: Yrityksessä tapahtuu sukupolvenvaihdos
  • 2010: MSC-sertifikaatti
  • 2011: Friend of the Sea -sertifikaatti
  • 2012: Luomu-sertifikaatti
  • 2013: ASC-sertifikaatti ensimmäisenä suomalaisena yrityksenä
  • 2015: Merenherkkumyymälälle Rotisseurs-kilvet
  • 2015: Nurmeksen Kala Oy liittyy osaksi yritystä